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Drawn by Fannie & Art Dade in 1955 for Jack Madden in his original plan for Lumber Town - Century Capsule by Carl A. Zapffe. Maxine Dade Rodwell has the original. Given to her by her sister Alice Dade Larson, framed by Barney Wilkins from hardwood material taken from the yard of the last school, where Jannie Jane Dade, taught. Located on corner of his farm. School was closed and torn down in 1960.

Located just minutes west of Brainerd, located on what is now Highway 210.

Gull River was a logging town on Gull River, they started the Saw Mill here and the town grew up around it. The sawmill employed about 150 people in the tree-rich area. The town swelled to a population of about 500 people, most of them European immigrants. The sawmill was the heart of the town, it's worth noting that many of the families still living in the Pillager area can trace their ancestors to those sawmill employees.

At the height of its production, the mill provided two train loads of finished product daily. With its own short track, six train engines traversed narrow gauge rails to bring logs to the mill. Logs were shipped by river as well as train. The Gull River Lumber Company had a capacity at 175,000 feet lumber, 150,000 shingles and 40,000 lath per day.

But by 1890, the glory days of the mill were over and equipment was shipped to Idaho. The town folded up after the mill was was moved to Brainerd in 1897 and 1898. The only house still standing today is the Seth Phillip's house just off to the North of Highway 210.

The Gull River Cemetry is located just south of Hy210 across the railroad tracks.